TopFresh Modified Atmosphere Solution, preserve freshness through a combined effect of modified atmosphere (MA), modified humidity (MH) and condensation control, which slows down the respiration of fresh produce, inhibits production of ethylene, inhibits microbial decay and minimizes weight loss and shriveling, thereby preserving quality, extending shelf life and reducing waste in the fresh produce supply chain


During the respiration process, fresh fruits & vegetable consume oxygen (O2) and emit carbon dioxide (CO2), water and heat.


The gas permeability of TopFresh packaging is regulated in accordance with the respiration rate of the fresh produce packed in order to achieve the desired combination of O2 and CO2 concentration for shelf life extension.

Benefits of TopFresh Packaging Solution:


  • Increase sales revenue
  • Wider market reach
  • Attracts new customers
  • Increases demand of fresh produce
  • Reduce transportation cost, road & sea transport instead of air
  • Increases production flexibility
  • No need to pack every day


  • Reduces waste and costs significantly
  • Extend the freshness of fruit and vegetable
  • Increase sales and improve fresh produce image
  • Reduce distribution cost


  • Tastes better for longer
  • Improve the appeal of the fresh produce
  • Maintains the nutritional value better
  • Reduce waste and save money