Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for Bananas

Topfresh MA/MH (modified atmosphere / modified humidity) array of banana bags preserves the quality of bananas during prolonged storage and shipment.

Available Products & Performance

1. Field Fresh Bulk Liner

  • Green bananas packed in modified atmosphere / modified humidity liners at source can be stored for up to 35 days at 13°-14°C (55-57°F)
  • Bananas can then be ripened through the bag with no need to open or tamper with the bag
  • Bananas will stay ripe in bag for another 6-7 days before displaying on the shelf

Topfresh Added Value

  • Extended shipping / storage
  • Market expansion
  • Bananas are ripened in liner without the need to open the bag
  • Extended post ripening life

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Cold Storage

Shelf Life